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Baird Electrical and Air Conditioning provide expert electrical switchboards upgrades in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Our team of trusted electricians are fully licensed to conduct switchboard upgrades to Australian Standards. We will inspect your old switchboard and recommend the right upgrade solution for your home.

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What is an Electrical Switchboard?

An electrical switchboard is the central device and location for distributing power throughout your house. It is connected to the main wire from the street and is usually located at the front of your house, often near the front porch or inside the house. Most houses have a meter or fuse box that is a protective wooden or metal box around the electricity meter and the switchboard.

An electrical cable runs from a power pole in your street (or underground cabling in newer areas) connecting mains power to your house. The cable often attaches to a fascia board at the front of your house roof and runs inside the house to connect with your electricity meter and switchboard. From there the electricity is sent to the various circuits in your house for lighting, power points, the oven and so on.

Upgrading your old Electrical Switchboard

How Do I Know If My Electrical Switchboard Needs Replacing?

Old electrical switchboards have old white or beige ceramic fuses and do not have safety switches. They often include the old electricity meter which looks like a black circular unit with a dial showing the power usage. If you have one of these old switchboards, then it does not meet current Australian Standards. We highly recommend you need to get it replaced.

When an old fuse blows through power overloading, it needs new fuse wire installed. This can be unsafe and faulty fuse boxes or meters have been responsible for house fires and electrocutions. Sometimes you can even hear electrical buzzing noises coming from the old fuse box, which is a tell tale sign you need to upgrade.

All new home builds and extensive house renovations require the latest electrical switchboard installed for safety and compliance. If you are extending or renovating, or maybe installing a new air conditioner, chances are you will need to upgrade your switchboard.

Solving Your Electrical Problems

Why do I need an Electrical Switchboard upgrade?

There are a range of safety and efficiency problems you can experience from having an old switchboard. All of which can be solved by upgrading to a new switchboard. Some of these problems include:

  • Your main fuse box burns out and melts wiring because of a power surge.

  • Old fuses keep getting blown and need replacement fuse wire.

  • After an electrical fault, an old switchboard may be disconnected by your power company because it is unsafe. An electrical defect notice will be issued resulting in no power until a replacement can installed.

  • You are purchasing and installing bigger appliances such as a heating and cooling, an oven or pool pump.

  • You need a new power point and have an out of date older style switchboard.

  • Your safety switch or circuit breaker trips when you use too many appliances at once.

For Safety Compliance and Peace of Mind

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Benefits of upgrading to a new switchboard

The main benefit is increased safety for you and your family. Old switchboards can be hazardous. Upgrading will also ensure you house is compliant with Australia Electrical Standards. You will no longer need to change fuse wire. And you will have a more stable power supply for upgrading other electrical appliances or devices around your home.

Safety Compliant Process and Testing

What is the Switchboard upgrade process?

  1. The first step in the process is to determine the power requirements of your home and what actually needs replacing. This could be the entire system or part of it. It may also include a new metal housing to replace an old wooden one.

  2. Then decide how many safe circuit breakers and residual current devices (safety switch that prevents electrocution) are required to replace the old fuses.

  3. The next step is dismantling the old unit and replacing it with a new unit. This may also include removal of old asbestos panel for house built before around 2004.

  4. The main wire from the street may need upgrading depending on the increased energy requirements in say a new home build.

  5. Wiring it in correctly comes next, and electrical cables are tidied up and secured.

  6. And finally testing of the new unit occurs.

Local experienced electricians means better service

How long will it take?

The upgrade process may take a few hours to complete depending upon the age and size of the house and the complexity of the upgrade. During this time the power will be turned off at your home. Upgrades and replacements can only be done by a qualified electrician like Baird Electrical and Air Conditioning.

We have completed many electrical switchboard upgrades and installations in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. So, we know there are some older style houses that still have out of date switchboards. There are a lot of benefits to having a replacement and it won’t take long.

At Baird Electrical and Air Conditioning we make sure you are 100% happy with the work we have done on your electrical switchboard upgrade before we leave. We show and explain to you the work we do at your home. And we clean up perfectly.

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Excellent prompt and professional service. I recommend Stephen highly!

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Great work. Efficiently installed. Cleaned up after.

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Excellent customer service, use of initiative in pointing out other required work, great to support a new business during Covid, highly recommend.

Carlene + Craig Whatman

Stephen and his team were superb. Great communication and went out of their way to accommodate and adjust. Strongly recommended.

Sam Mclean

Great install by Stephen fair price, working product quickly & friendly installer, Minnium downtime. Will be a return customer!

Adam Marcuccio

Excellent work once again. The down lights are great and the 3 in 1 heating/light/fan in bathroom. Recommended. Quality work and reliable.

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Fantastic overall experience! Prompt communication, extremely courteous, arrived on time, great advice and great workmanship. Highly recommended.

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Excellent clean install, very professional and even replaced a broken roof tile hiding under my solar hot water which was above and beyond. Highly recommend.

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Really good to deal with punctual & delivered what they were hired to no fuss Stephen was very obliging & very courteous would not hesitate to recommend them.

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I highly recommend Baird Electrical. Stephen has a great work ethic with an important focus on safety. The whole process from engagement to completion was

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